The walled city of Campeche is one of the most beautiful and cultural destinations that Mexico has. Its architecture, traditions and history draw the attention of everyone who visits it. Below we will recommend 8 things to do in Campeche, so you can enjoy this incredible city and get to know all its attractions.

Attractions in Campeche

1. Private tour to Campeche from Mérida with Yucatan Concierge

1. Excursión privada a Campeche desde Mérida con Yucatan Concierge

2. Edzná, the house of the Itzaes

2. Edzná, la casa de los Itzaes

3. Cultural tour through Kankí and Becal also Hecelchakán and Pomuch

3. Recorrido Cultural por Kankí y Becal con Hecelchakán y Pomuch

4. Full Day Knowing About Calakmul and Balamkú from Campeche

4. Dia Completo Conociendo Calakmul y Balamkú desde Campeche

5. Explore Campeche in 5 days

5. Explora Campeche en 5 días

6. Half Day Private tour of Campeche, the Walled City

6. Recorrido Privado de Medio Dia por Campeche, la Ciudad Amurallada

7. Tour privado a pie romántico en San Francisco de Campeche

7. Private romantic walking tour in San Francisco de Campeche

8. Recorrido Diurno por la Ciudad de Campeche con Guía

8. Day Tour of the City of Campeche with a Guide


Translated by Patricia Rubio

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