To jointly generate promotion and incentive activities in business development, employability, professionalization and research in the field of information technology, communication, electronics and digital content in the State of Campeche, the Secretary of Economic Development, Ricardo Ocampo and the president of the State Information Technology Cluster «AH KIM TECH», Carlos Iván Durán Pérez, signed the Framework Collaboration Agreement.

Formed mainly by companies from Carmen and Campeche, one of the objectives of the Cluster is to contribute to the economic development of the State through the integration and consolidation of collaboration and association schemes of companies and institutions with interference in the field of ICTs.

This agreement will improve competitiveness and minimize the impact of the health emergency of COVID-19, in which Campeche begins the transformation of its economic activity through the technological productive reconversion, thus fulfilling the mandate of Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González.

Both institutions come together in a common effort to support the transformation of the technological conditions of our State and of MSMEs and favor high-impact and technological entrepreneurship.

The representatives of the two institutions agreed to affirm that there is great technological talent in the State and that together they should promote the consumption of folksy technological products and services, the creation and consolidation of ventures and companies and the attraction of investments of these characteristics, that make us move towards the technological and sustainable economic development of Campeche.

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