In accordance with the policy of Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González, to consolidate the activity of the ports and maximize the utilization of the oil industry, tourism, commerce, services and supply industries, the port infrastructure in Campeche is strengthened to generate greater investment.

The general director of APICAM, Carlos Ortiz Piñera, commented that during the last years the Executive Power of the State, through out the Comprehensive Port Administration of Campeche, has invested strongly in the infrastructure in the main ports, consolidating the Port of Isla del Carmen as the most important oil logistics platform in the country and national leader in arrivals, with 16 thousand 168 of them in 2019, that is, 17 percent more than the previous year; Likewise, it moved 407,641 tons of cargo, 15 percent more than in 2018.

In 2019, APICAM invested three million 301 thousand 474 pesos in complementary projects in the amplifications of the Ports of Isla del Carmen and Seybaplaya.

For this year, the Port of Seybaplaya has planned an investment of 23 million 300 thousand pesos, to condition 2 hectares of the platform 8, by installing 3 superposts and paving with a 12-centimeter thick asphalt layer.

The Port Modernization Program, in 2019, made a total investment of 16 million 547 thousand 665 pesos, to improve the facilities served by APICAM. The works consisted the construction of vials elements interior of the Port of Isla del Carmen, as well as the reconstruction of pier 17 and the construction of access control booths to piers 15 and 11.

In the Port of Seybaplaya, the security mesh against landslides was placed on the hill adjacent to the industrial park and labor was done with the vials signs in the interior streets, in the construction of the guard booths in access 2 and on platform 8, as in the installation of 5 automated pens at the entrances; and the corporate offices and the main access of the Port of Lerma precinct  were modernized.

In the first semester of 2020, an investment of 8 million 640 thousand pesos was made in the Port of Isla del Carmen, to build sidewalks and water collectors inside the enclosure, as well in the reconstruction of the pier 4; In the Port of Seybaplaya, work is being done on the renovation of defenses at the west end of platform 8 and on the construction of the electrical substation for a pedestal transformer in the administrative offices.

By this manner, the State government works on the infrastructure to make them more competitive and active the attraction of investment. # 5thReportAysa

Translated  by Patricia Rubio

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