Health authorities announced that the current numbers of people affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico are as follows:

717 confirmed cases
2,475 suspected cases
3,542 negative cases
12 deaths

States where deaths have occurred
Mexico City: 5
Durango: 1
Jalisco: 3
Michoacán: 1
San Luis Potosí: 2
The director of Epidemiological Information of the Ministry of Health (SSa), Christian Arturo Zaragoza Jiménez, explained that «if we analyze the distribution by age group, we see that they are concentrated in groups of 55 years and older, which is why care in these age groups has always been emphasized. «

For his part, the director of medical benefits of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Víctor Hugo Borja Aburto, explained that cases of community transmission are still few, so there is time to act with preventive measures, such as stay home, wash your hands and the healthy distance.

In addition, he announced that on April 18 stronger actions will be presented to contain the pandemic, the date on which it is expected that the maximum peak of infections will occur.

The authorities added that at this point in the contingency, COVID-19 must be seen as a disease that is not patient-centered, but rather as an opportunity to see the favorable results of community and public health actions to overcome the disease.

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