The state governor with President AMLO in supervising the progress of section 2

Ejido Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, Campeche.- The construction of the Mayan Train advances and when it is ready on its rails, a new era of progress will run, assured Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González during his welcome message to the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , who visited this area to verify the progress of the construction of section 2 Escárcega-Calkiní.

“This new visit, Mr. President, shows your permanent conviction to be personally aware of the great development projects of the country. We receive you with the affection that we Campechens have for you and with the motivation generated by your presence in our land ”, expressed Aysa González at the ceremony where Rogelio Jiménez Pons, general director of Fonatur, was also present.

He added that Campeche and the entire Southeast of the country is witness to how the Mayan Train is becoming a reality, the largest project in the history of this region that will be the great detonator of inclusive development where practically all productive sectors and all segments social will benefit.

The governor of the state, who arrived accompanied by the Secretary General of the Government, Jorge Argáez Uribe, remarked that the Mexicans in this part of the country will have a new horizon and that the campechanos understand and assume their vision of the future, a country where the aspirations of all the Mexican people and have channels of realization.

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“Day by day, section by section, Patria is built; there is no greater nationalism than that which brings progress. This is the best mirror of how political morality and honesty generate development; The Mexican Southeast is, today, the best example that when there is a will, the greatest dreams are possible. The construction of the Mayan Train is progressing and when it is ready, a new era of progress will run on its rails ”, he concluded.

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