The ports have become more competitive and active for the attraccion investment, in consequence of the management of Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González, by achieving the start of operations of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and the arrival of cruise ships at the port of Seybaplaya; as well as attracting more companies to the Isla del Carmen port, stressed the general director of the Port Administration of Campeche (APICAM) Carlos Piñera Ortiz.

When pondering the most relevant aspects of the port sector in the period corresponding to the Fifth Government Report, he referred to the establishment of Pemex in the Port of Seybaplaya, with a loading terminal to supply materials and equipment to offshore oil platforms. ; Likewise, in completing this historic operation, APICAM, with its own resources, invests 23 million pesos in the adaptation of this site, paved area of 2 hectares for  maneuvering area and lighting through 3 superposts; a special type of lighting for  loading night operations.

With the arrival of PEMEX at the port of Seybaplaya, during the first half of the year, he stated, arrivals has increased by 550% and cargo by 1,554%, which has sparked the interest of several important companies in the sector, interested in establishing themselves within the enclosure.

He explained that from January to June 117 arrivals were recorded, compared to 2019, which was 18 arrivals. From January to June, 13,192 tons were registered, compared to 2019, which was 797.38 tons of cargo.

On the other hand, in the Port of Isla del Carmen it was possible to attract new companies such as Arrow Marine Logistics Services, S. de R.L. de C.V., Empresas Elizondo García, S.A. de C.V. and Sapura Energy Mexicana, S.A.P.I. de C.V., generating an investment of 88 million pesos and the creation of 268 direct jobs and 118 indirect jobs.

Likewise, thanks to the efforts of the state governor ,Campeche was placed on the map of tourist cruise destinations, by attracting the Ponant shipping company to the Port of Seybaplaya, through the cruise ship «Le Champlain». The establishment of a regular route in the autumn-winter season was achieved, achieving a total of 7 arrivals in a first phase.

These cruises began activities on November 4, 2019, every 14 days until concluding on January 27, 2020, transporting foreign visitors, who learned about the entity’s cultural, historical and gastronomic richness.

In this way, we will continue supporting the work of the governor, added Ortiz Piñera, so that more companies invest in Campeche. # 5thAysaReport

Translated by Patricia Rubio

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