• The president of the State DIF, Laura Sansores San Román, is appointed as honorary president of the Board of Trustees of the Mexican Red Cross
  • Awarded the distinction of the Silver Cross of the Red Cross

«The Red Cross is a symbol of generosity and love in times of tragedy; during the pandemic there were difficult moments, but for the Red Cross there were no impossible ones, there they were facing insecurity, mystery and death. That today we we have to recognize it more than ever”, stressed Governor Layda Sansores San Román when leading the banner for the 2022 Collection of that worthy institution.

She also emphasized that this institution has the support of its administration, because “we have to sow the seed of solidarity as an example and a legacy for our children, that we never tire of giving; giving a gift is a privilege of life, blessed is the Red Cross that has given for everyone and forever».

In the event that took place at the Campeche XXI Convention Center, the State delegate of the Red Cross, María Elena Rosiñol de la Cabada, recalled that this organization has 549 delegations in the 32 States of the Republic made up of more than 46 thousand volunteers and specified that in 2021 one million 300 thousand ambulance services will be carried out.

In what corresponds to Campeche, assistance was provided in 24 thousand 830 medical service emergencies, 11 thousand 75 ambulance services for a total of 61 thousand 460 people attended in the five local delegations, and 85% were attended by the delegation in Ciudad from Carmen.

«This collection that we begin today, which will last twelve weeks, will give us the opportunity to raise the necessary funds to support for the first time in an equitable way each of the five state delegations,» she assured.

In his intervention, the national deputy director of Red Cross Delegations, Horacio Antonio López Flores, thanked the support of Governor Layda Sansores San Román, for joining forces in support of people who need it most; Similarly, he recognized the work of volunteers who are key to the humanitarian consolidation of the Red Cross.

Subsequently, the appointment as honorary president of the Board of Trustees of the Mexican Red Cross was given to Laura Sansores San Román, president of the Board of Trustees of the State DIF System, who also received from the hands of the State Delegate the distinction of the Silver Cross of the meritorious institution.

Likewise, the amphorae were symbolically delivered to Governor Layda Sansores San Román to carry out the collection and with it the boating between the officials and the attending public as the first activity and the anthem of the Mexican Red Cross was sung.

The Secretary of Government, Aníbal Ostoa Ortega; the presiding magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice, Virginia Leticia Lizama Centurión; the president of the Local Congress, Alejandro Gómez Cazarín; the Secretary of Health, Liliana Montejo León; the general director of the state DIF System, Mario Pavón Carrasco, as well as members of the legal and expanded cabinet.

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