Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González made an energetic call to the oil companies that work in the probe of Campeche to strengthen their prevention and epidemiological surveillance strategies, since the attention of the COVID-19 pandemic is a matter of national security and Failure to act responsibly could cause the outbreak to spiral out of control.

At the meeting of the State Table for the Construction of Peace, which he chaired accompanied by military, naval, and federal and state agencies, he pointed out that in a coordinated manner, preventive work has been privileged here, in order to prevent the coronavirus from impacting severely to the campechanos.

He stressed that one of the fundamental issues to face the pandemic is that society applies the established protocols, but also that the public and private sectors responsibly assume their obligations to control the proliferation of the virus and not generate further damage to the population, to the health system and the economy.

Aysa González stressed that, on the occasion of completing 10 months of assuming the position of governor today, he ratifies his commitment to safeguard the interests of the campechanos, so facing the responsibility of caring for the population in the midst of the pandemic of the coronavirus, asks the oil companies that work in the probe of Campeche to strictly comply with the preventive and epidemiological control measures that have been established with full anticipation.

“This is a matter of national security, that is why in Campeche we have been working since the OMS alerted the emergence of the virus and gradually we have been carrying out increasingly rigorous actions to care for the campechanos; Our call is to stay united and obey the recommendations to be able to move forward, without causing serious damage to society neither the economy.

On the other hand the use of transport pipes of water are being planned to address the lack of vital liquid in communities or neighborhoods that severely resent this problem during the dry season.

The delegate of federal Development programs, Katia Meave Ferniza, pointed out that the governor’s call will immediately be sent to the central authorities to urgently address the issue of the probe of Campeche.

At the meeting, the current epidemiological situation in the state was also exposed; strengthening of control filters in ports and supermarkets; the attention that the federal and state authorities provide to suppress the fires in a timely manner and monitor that agricultural burning does not get out of control, in addition to the operations that the federal and state armed and security forces maintain to urge people to remain in their homes, as well as to avoid the clandestine sale of alcohol.

 The Secretary General of the Government, Pedro Armentía López; the attorney general, Juan Manuel Herrera Campos; the heads of the Ministry of Public Security, Jorge Argáez Uribe; from the Ministry of Civil Protection, Edgar Hernández Hernández, and from Social and Human Development, Christian Castro Bello; the Executive Secretary of the State Council for Public Security, Fernando Bolívar Galera; the substitute of the head of the Issste delegation and head of Services of the Regulatory Supervision and Quality Directorate, Humberto Cabrales Aguilar, and the zone superintendents of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Gonzalo Paredes Plancarte and Fabiola Durón Martínez attended to the meeting.

Translated by Patty Helen

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