Campeche continues steadily on the route of reactivation through a series of programs that Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González launched from the beginning of the epidemiological contingency, allowing safeguard of more than 10,000 work spaces for the protection of businesses and their families, assured the Secretary of Economic Development, José Antonio del Río González.

The state official highlighted that the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) reported that Campeche is in second place at the national level in the States Economic Recovery Indicator (IREE), which measures the percentage of reactivation by state on a quarterly basis.

 According to the IMCO report, the states less affected economically by COVID-19 until the last quarter of 2020 are Sonora and Campeche, since they have maintained a growth tendency that their is no difference from the scene without the virus.

 Del Río González stated that this organism has tools that allow measure out the economic impact of the pandemic and the speed of state recovery in a timely manner to evaluate and improve the response of programs and actions; For this reason, he considered it is important, through these studies and measurements, to find comparative advantages and make them competitive.

 He specified that through credit programs such as Produce, Crece Tu Microempresa, Microwd, Impulso NAFIN, Mujer Crece and Desarrollarte, the Executive Power of the State of Campeche has provided resources to serve for different economic sectors throughout the state, from artisans, merchants, as well as producers of the field and the fishing sector. –

We are on the road to recovery and reactivation from the first moment, 2020 it  was a complex year where there was a lockdown for several months and it affected many businesses, some more than others, but mostly adapting to reconversions and formats that allow them continue to function in a new normativity- he mentioned.

He added that maintaining the epidemiological status at a green light for 16 consecutive weeks, has given the opportunity to different areas to gradually open and have economic income again, adjusting to the capacity allowed by the authorities, as well as respecting the operating hours.

The head of SEDECO stressed that it is time to continue taking care of yourself, not to lower your guard and comply with all the recommendations, because the virus is still present and the mobility recommendations must be respected.

Translated By Patricia Rubio

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