The year 2020 has surprised everyone from the beginning of zero hour.
Many or all of us woke up full of hopes and challenges that we would make this year to come the best of our lives.

The reality was different, it took us very little at the beginning of January to begin to hear of a new virus that emerged in a small market in a cosmopolitan city in the far away country of China.

In a matter of hours, days, weeks, this deadly Virus became a GLOBAL Pandemic never experienced.

It has been very difficult for all of us to understand, comprehend and accept that, in this century, at this time in this world, we would have to experience a global catastrophe of this magnitude. Paralyzing first cities, then countries, continents even for the daily activity of the entire planet.

In summary, our beautiful Mexico and our lovable Campeche also lived through and resented in a aggressive way the effects of this pandemic.
However; in general, as Mexicans, we have always been classified as ingenious, struggler people, but above all very hard-working. Without fear of change and adversity.

At Campeche Daily News we are convinced that our state of Campeche has been an example at the national level in these times of crisis, showing that together we can move forward.

Thus, the first state in the Mexican Republic to turn yellow at the epidemiological traffic light.

We have started a series of interviews and reports where we will get to know the stories of some of these successful Campechanos, who continue to bet with all their dedication, effort, work and financial burden for the social and economic well-being, believing in Campeche and the Campechanos.

We are sure that all of us in our lovable state, have tried or at least heard an excellent comment from:


Originally called El Flamboyán, Founded in 1984 by the Toraya family, it is a 100% Campeche company, dedicated the sale and preparation of sandwich such as the already famous Mini Burger, the Flambo Pork Sandwich or the Mini Ham and cheese. Accompanied by its now traditional Flambo Tea.

What began in the mid-1980s, beginning in 2002, Mr. Rodrigo Mora Toraya took the management of the company, implementing innovative visions of expansion, growth, development with the aim of turning this Campechana brand into a franchise for the rest of Mexico and the world.

As we must well mention, all these more than 36 years of continuous operation and growth, Flambo has been characterized by offering its customers products with high standards of quality and hygiene.

In the words of Mr. Mora, he tells us:

From the beginning my grandmother was directly involved in selecting each of the ingredients for our sandwich, we have maintained as an indispensable rule in the business to be always  involved in these details that have made a difference.

The growth of the company today is made up of 6 branches in the city of Campeche

Flambo University (original)

Flambo Center

Flambo Fracciorama

Flambo San Fransisco

Flambo Malecon

Flambo Plaza Condesa

In 2019 they began with the procedures to carry out the commissary projects, the CEDÍ, the reengineering of processes and the franchise, which we wanted to carry out this year.

Starting 2020 the world changed, Mexico changed and Campeche changed.
Growth and development plans for the Toraya family and their Flambo company were drastically halted.

«Because of Covid 19 we had to postpone» We closed all branches.

In week 7 of being closed due to the pandemic, they decide to start only with home delivery!

This is really easy to read, but I have spent many years of family savings from the owners of Flambo, being able to bear the financial burden of being completely closed for 7 weeks, keeping 100% with salaries and benefits to all the personnel that make up this company.

We were about to declare bankruptcy! But we did the impossible to sustain.

The process has been very difficult, however, with the dedication of work that Flambo characterizes its owners and workers, they decided once again to renew, adjust and implement all the basic measures of care, health and hygiene that the authorities require, but above all with the commitment to take care of their staff and their clients or Flambo fans as they are known.

Today all the branches are already reopen waiting for their customers, offering everything with the best attitude and the excellent quality that characterizes them!

There is still a financial burden on the company, as in the majority of the private initiative, to overcome this situation.

On more than a couple of occasions during the pandemic, Flambo was about to say goodbye.

Betting once again on Campeche, on their land, the Toraya and Flambo family place their trust in their Flambo Fans, convinced of offering them the best quality, with the usual service, plus the standards that accompany our New Normality.

Flambo! At the time of your craving

Translated by Patricia Rubio

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