… He shows his true face by mocking the PRI, assures the Governor

… Cynical character who has no shame

… Sales Heredia revealed that intentional homicides decreased by 48% .

In the  33rd edition of the informative program Martes del Jaguar, another audio scandal was revealed, where the national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas

«Alito» shows his true face by mocking the PRI members, manipulating his PAN counterpart, Marko Cortés and makes it clear that although the militants of that party are opposed, he will continue command. “If people from the same party are cheated and robbed, what can the people of Campeche  expect from this cynical character who has no shame,” said Governor Layda Sansores San Román.

The Governor presented the new audio in which the voice of «Alito» is heard, where he warns that he will define «the lists», apparently of candidates, between now and 2024, because according to the next one, presumably referring to the candidacy of 2024. “This would be the last audio that is going to be presented, with this we leave a record so that the people of his party and the alliance get their act together, because “Alito” is a cynic and has no solution; We will see what the PRI will do about it,” said the governor

Moreno Cárdenas discard leaving the leadership of the PRI, although he does not have good electoral results and with whom he speaks, apparently named Homero, writes down the private telephone number of the PRI leader, who tells him to write to him at any time because he “is available 24 hours».

In the good news, the Governor highlighted the beginning of the new strategy of the Secretariat for Citizen Protection and Security (SPSC), headed by its head, Marcela Muñoz Martínez, to make security more efficient in neighborhoods, districts and communities  which began last week in Fidel Velázquez with the Citizen Security Roundtable in Territory program, which was held in the multi-use field in a  housing unit and which will be replicated in the rest of the municipalities where patrols will be redoubled and quadrants will be created with the support of the National Guard, Prosecutor’s Office and personnel of the armed forces.

The Community Meeting of Health was also mentioned, which was launched in Candelaria to increase health labor. In addition, the inauguration of the Champotón Collection Center and the third Jaguar Caravan that took place in the Bay of the Mala Pelea

 In the transmission, the Secretary of Tourism, Mauricio Arceo Piña, was the first guest, who elaborated on the designation the capital of  Campeche as the venue for the important event of the Mexican Petroleum Congress 2023, which will take place from June 7 to 10 and will bring many benefits for the entity such as the economic benefit.

In addition, he announced that in a month and a half the production of Disney + will record in Campeche the first series to be held in Mexico and chapters will be shot in the entity; «Campeche will be mentioned in a part of the history of that project,» he mentioned. The general program of the Feria del Carmen 2022 was also announced, which includes the coronation of Miss Melisa Terán and whose artistic, cultural and sports programming highlights the presentation of Lila Downs, the original Banda El Limón, the Gondwana concert and of the Octopus and its keyboards.

As the second guest, the state attorney general, Renato Sales Heredia revealed that the intentional homicide rate has decreased by 48 percent so far this year and  there is no dark-number. “We open investigation folders and not circumstantial records; there is no simulation, now it will be investigated,» he stressed.

He mentioned that in terms of security there is great progress and  on the subject of Alejandro Moreno, the investigation against him is already open, as well at the national level by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). Sales Heredia said that due process was not violated in the search of «Alito’s» mansion, since they were authorized by a judge, who also denied that images of the search were leaked by the Prosecutor’s Office.

 He also lamented the death of former comptroller Sergio Novelo, who was stabbed inside a home and not on the street, as has been claimed. «There are several lines of investigation, there are three, work environment, personal and none is going to be abandoned.» In the fake news section, the journalist Juan Manuel Herrera Rea, exposed the lies published in the newspaper Uno más Uno and  the local newspaper Tribuna replied in the sense that the lawyer, Rocío García Olmedo, declared that the Governor could go to prison for the issue of intimate photos of deputies.

 «These tweets were editorialized by the reporter and taken out of context, since at no time I made reference to the possibility that the Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, and her program Tuesday of Jaguar would be sanctioned,» he asserted.

 In this section, the note referring to the fact that the Governor took away from Ciudad del Carmen the headquarters of the next Mexican Petroleum Congress was also denied, since that decision is made only by the members of the plenary session of said organization and they do so based on the tourist attractions. ; however, it was specified that alternatives are being sought to include the Carmelite island among the activities of this meeting.

Once again, another lie from the Tribuna newspaper was exposed when it became clear that the general coordinator of the Social Communication Unit, Walther Patron Bacab, who by his own decision and because he felt offended by the infamies of the directors of that medium, filed the demand for non-pecuniary damage, and not at the request of the Governor as perversely published by that medium.

General coordinator of the Social Communication Unit, Walther Patron Bacab,

There was also the journalist Abraham Mendieta, who said that the other leaders of the alliance remain silent on the subject of Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, because they consider that they have to protect him.

On the other hand, in the Chair of the Governor was the Carmelite lawyer, Mirella del Socorro Uc Quintal and in her speech she stressed that it is necessary for Carmen to have a shelter for abused women. “It must be taken into account that Carmen needs a shelter for women who have been violated and we do not have one, this is why we ask that it is necessary to built one, because with this we will try to get them to move forward and thus be able to get away from their aggressors” , she accurate.

Mirella del Socorro Uc Quintal

The Governor’s response was positive and she told her that this shelter will be built while applauding the initiative. On another topic, Juan Pedro Alcudia mentioned that regarding the topic of the Olympia Law, where the media and political actors misrepresented the governor’s words and that from a criminal technical perspective it does not fit with said law, because it establishes that if it is shared , publishes, distribuyes or disseminates, would implicate in the crime.

Juan Manuel Herrera, Abraham Mendieta, Juan Pedro Alcudia, Layda Sansores.

From her part, Sansores San Román said, «we are not investigating ‘Alito’ for that, but for corruption, because he has no limits.» In the «Alito Solito» section, they exhibited a recount of audios from the last few months in which Moreno Cárdenas is involved, as well as the talk he had with Manuel Velazco. “Moreno Cárdenas is known as 007 for his seven electoral defeats, he paints himself alone with his scandals; here we do know him and we know how he manipulates things, ” The governor assured, mentioning that he tried to victimize himself with his tour to Europe. Also, they showed the luxurious bedroom of the governor’s office, where «Alito» made the famous «promotion room».

In Mayan classes, teacher Abraham Euan taught the phrases: Kaampeche’jachjats’uts (Campeche is beautiful). Ko’otene’ex Kaampech (Come to Campeche), K’ajóolte’ex Kaampech (Get to know Campeche) and Xíbalte’ex Kaampech (Visit Campeche).

Finally, the broadcast concluded with the presentation of a parody  song that the PRI leader «Alito» «dedicated» to the Governor.

Translated by Patricia Rubio

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